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Welcome to the Multimedia Centre

Hi, I’m Christiaan Van Taarling, the Multimedia teacher. Children at St Albans East will receive a 1 hour Multimedia lesson each week. The aim of these lessons is to develop the knowledge and skills in the use of multimedia equipment and computer software and then apply the knowledge and skills in their life and other areas of learning. Competencies learnt in multimedia are applied to other curriculum areas and affect all facets of their life. Therefore Multimedia seeks to create skills that benefit students as lifelong learners.  Multimedia is not just about computers, many of the activities that the children will be involved in use cameras, printers, scanners and even robots. They will use communication resources to communicate and collaborate, including email, Wikis, Ultranet and other collaborative websites.

I look forward to having the opportunity to work with your children. If you would like to know about Information Communication technology in relation to your child both at school and at home Please come and see me.

Thank you,

Christiaan Van Taarling.

5 thoughts on “ICT Overview

  1. I think this will be a valuable way of finding out what is going on in ICT at our school for the staff as well as the parents and students. I found it very interesting, being another specialist teacher, because l have very little idea what is happening over in your ICT world.

  2. Hi Mr Van Taarling my name is Mrs Grasso and I also teach ICT to prep -6 students at a primary school in Melbourne.

    Your blog is fantastic as it gives me a snapshot of what other ICT teachers are exploring in their schools.
    The students must love your sessions they sound so very exciting!

    I hope your new direction using laptops and iPads has gone smoothly and I look forward to visiting your blog again to gain ideas as I too am moving to laptops and iPads in my school in 2015.

    Thanks again for sharing your great ideas, reflections and sessions.
    Mrs Grasso

    • Hi, it is great when other teachers look at my blog as it is not just for the students but for all stakeholders of student education. It is great to look at what other teachers are doing in ICT and I have an insight of what you are doing at your school, some of your programs such as Scratch I also use throughout the year and some not so it makes me research those that I am not using to see if I may want to use them as part of the repertoire of ICT resources. I am in particularly interested on how you use Google Drive for student accounts [what grade levels use Google drive, what setup and permissions are used, what restrictions are imposed such as no photos of students etc]. I think it is a great resource as part of a student portfolio but we have not used it by our school due to privacy issues, but I have started a student Google drive template which I can quickly implement should I wish to. See http://eportfoliotemplate.global2.vic.edu.au/

  3. Hi Mr Vantaarling,
    Thanks for your comment and positive feedback on my blog. It is an exciting role to have, being ICT Teacher to all classes prep – 6 as they love using technology.

    Thanks for your question regarding Google Drive, I have detailed our journey on my professional reflective blog: https://teachteched.wordpress.com/gafe/ on my that may answer some of your questions. Please let me know if there is any further information that you require.
    Happy long weekend
    Mrs Grasso

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