Week 6 Activities

Classes will be split into 3 groups:

Main groups will create digital stories=

Grade 1 & 2  = PowerPoint

Grade 3 & 4 =Photostory3

Grade 5 & 6 Moviemaker (manual transitions)

Digital  stories are where in these instances photos, videos and other media are collated and turned into a slideshow movie. Students will use thier inquiry topic as the basis of thier digital story.

Extended groups will create digital stories =

Grade 1 & 2  = Photostory3

Grade 3 & 4 = Moviemaker (automatic transitions)

Grade 5 & 6 Movie cameras cut and edited in Moviemaker (manual transitions)

Intervention groups where students will be given individual learning plan tasks:

Week 4 and Week 5 Activities

Skills Testing: Grades 1 to 6 will be using the “2Assess ICT” Skills testing console or app over the 2 week period.

Grade Prep will be consolidating thier skills creating thier Alphabet Book. At the end of week 4 lesson they should be upto Letter G and after week 5 lesson they should be upto letter K. By this stage the repetitiveness of the tasks will instill confidence and independence.

Week 3 Activities

Grades 3 to 6 need to cover ICT for communication. Grade 3&4 communication will be done using Netspace Webmail. Both grades will send an attachment but grade 4 will need to reply to thier emails.

Grade 5 & 6 will communicate using webcams and the program “Skype”. 10 webcams are available and 10 school skype accounts have been created. So students will have to do another lesson as well while they wait thier turn to do the communication lesson. The other lesson will be on online etiquette.

This is an assessment task for grades 3 to 6 and hence will be recorded against AusVELS on Mr Vs IPAD using the “2Build a Profile” app.

grade 1 and 2 will create a links list in MS Word with 5 links to websites usefull for learning about their inquiry topic. grade 2 will need to add some extra formatting.

This is the first week for preps to begin thier big term 4 project “The Alphabet Book” This annual ritual for preps consolidates thier ability to open a program, choose a template and complete the template which they then save and print.They collate the 27 pages (26 letters and a cover page) so that when finished Mr V can staple thier book using the giant stapeler.

Week 2 activities

Upper and lowe primary are using templates of visual thinking tools from the programs Insiration and Kidspiration to tune into thier science topics.

Preps are using Kidspix 3D to  use the birthday cake template for colouring in and adding candles. The bneed to save and to print thier work.

Due to BER2 printer being out of action students have had to install and print to BER1.

Week 1 activities

Although Monday was a curriculum day and some classes will have to do this weeks lesson next week, all classes from grade 1 to 6 are doing an assessment task. focus is on ICT for visual thinkng and related to this terms science inquiry units.

Students are making use of thinking tools using Inspiration for upper primary and Kidspiration for lower  primary.

Grades 1 to 6 are doing assessment tasks and hence will be recorded using against AusVELS on Mr Vs IPAD using the “2Build a Profile” app.

Preps are using Kidspix 3D to learn and share the topic “Celebrations”.

Welcome to Term 4, 2013

Hi, everyone,

Welcome to the last term of the year, which is usually the busiest term of the year and this year is no exception. In November we have the computer refresh happening wher most of the desktops will be replaced by Laptops in trolley or on tables in in the multimedia room or library. Also 120 Ipads will be brought into commision 20 IPAD 4s, and 90 IPAD 2s which were bought from special funding applied for by Deb Hicks .This will truely bring St Albans East into the mobile world.

Reports are on again this term so I will be creating the report database for teachers to use in creating thier reports.