What are the students doing in term 3 – Programming

During term 3 students are programming, it is quite likely that some of our students will use programming in some form in their future employment, in that regard it is good to immerse the whole school in Programming.


PREP: Preps are   using a class set of six BeeBOTS and two beebot mats (Australia & Australian currency), they also use The software version of BeeBOT “Beebot Lesson Activities 1″ where they maneuver virtual Beebots on Virtual mats Week 1 being the :Racetrack mat”

scratch icon

                   Grade 1 & 2: Grades 1 & 2 are using scratch to create animations. The first week they investigate and play around moving a costume or sprite. Then in the remaining weeks they use scratch cards (There are 12 of them) to create mini programs that teach and display different actions that is possible for a sprite to do.

gamemaker icon


Grade 3&4:     Grades 3 & 4s are using Gamemakert to program some simple games First 3 weeks to create a scoring game with one ball within a walled compound, when they score the ball will increase its speed. 

robot mindstorms


        Grade 5&6:    Grades 5&6 are using the Mindstorm programming software and downloading their programs to Lego Robots. First creating programs for movement and turning and then for the rest of the term solving problems by choosing from the 40+ challenges of the 2008 FLL (First Lego League) “Climate Connections” Challenge set.


climate connections mat