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Welcome to the Multimedia Centre

Christiaan Pieter Van Taarling

Hi, I’m Christiaan Van Taarling, the Multimedia teacher. Students at St Albans East will receive a 1 hour ICT lesson each week in their classroom. The aim of these lessons is to develop the knowledge and skills in the use of multimedia equipment and computer software and then apply the knowledge and skills in their life and other areas of learning. Competencies learnt in multimedia are applied to other curriculum areas and affect all facets of their life. Therefore Multimedia seeks to create skills that benefit students as lifelong learners.  Multimedia is not just about computers, many of the activities that the children will be involved in use cameras, printers, scanners and even robots. They will use communication resources to communicate and collaborate, including email, Wikis and Stile. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with your children. If you would like to know about what your child is learning in ICT then regularly visit my blog at:

You are welcome to contact me at the eLearning office in building 3.

Thank you,

Christiaan Van Taarling. computer-guy-1a2mt1v.png

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