Welcome to term 2 – 2015


At the beginning of the year students discussed rules and regulations as they pertain in a computer lab setting or during computer classes.

No food and drink at computers

No magnets near media such as disks.

Sitting Ergonomically correct.

We also looked at the code of co-operation as it pertains to an ICT class and how these codes can contribute to a good learning environment.


Multimedia Lessons


  • We will use our manners at all times
  • We will respect ourselves and others
  • We will look after the equipment in the Multimedia Room

RESPONSIBILITY responsibility

  • We will be responsible for our actions
  • We will try our best and never give up
  • We will always act in a safe manner

LEARNING  learning

  • Look at the speaker and remain focused
  • We will listen to others while they are talking and take turns to speak
  • We will encourage each other to always do our best
  • We will learn from mistakes and have a go even if things appear hard


We will be friendly
We will include others at all times
We will learn from each other
We will share our ideas and work together.

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