Week 6

Grade Prep [Foundation] 2start English_school

Students use Log on cards to log on and open 2Start English–they do several activities including Create a room with object, pairing game and create a worksheet which they can print. This week we enter the “About Me ” window.

Grade 1&2 
publisher iconpublisher wordart

Students create different types of documents in publisher and saved and printed them. This week they use a blank template to type a text type from their writing journal, adding Word-art as their title.


Grade 3&4 MS Word Icon

Students type their writings into a word processor [MS Word] and imported and shared our work in VOKI. This week they typed their work into MS Word.

.Grade 5&6  excel logo


Students use a spreadsheet program [MS Excel]. They enter data from a word document and screen print the finished spreadsheet with the formulas they created. They also visited a website to complete a labeling  activity which they screen print and paste into the word document.

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