Term 3 week 6

Grade prep learn about direction and programming using Beebot robots and Beebot mats. Each student input instructions into the Beebot and executed the Beebots to move as they have instructed (outputs). They also canceled their programs before sharing their Beebot. bb mat aus  bb mat money  beeboot 6 BEEBOT single




Grade 1 and 2 are  using the Scratch software program to create programs by inputting programming (instructions) blocks which make different sprites (animated characters) execute different actions. They then save and play their animations (output).  They work at their own pace on a sequence of 12 lessons (animations) each more complex than the previous. Lesson 1- Butterflies changing colour. Lesson 2-  Move to a beat. Lesson 3-  Mouse key moves.scratch 367306-scratch-from-mitScratch_Large_001 card-changecolor-thumb card-keymoves-thumb card-movetoabeat-thumb









Grade 3 & 4 are using the Game-maker program to create programs by inputting programming instructions that include the use of different sprites (animated characters), sounds, objects and actions which are  executed in a game room. The first game they are making is called Chase the Clown. When completed the save it as an executable file that can be shared.

gamemaker logogamemaker chase the clown






Grade 5 and 6 are programming Lego Robots using the software program Lego Mindstorms. When created the programs are downloaded to the robots and run. When finished the program which is saved on their computer, is deleted from the robot ready for the next program.

lego robot mind storms2


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