2016 Term 1 – week 7

Grade Prep (Foundation)

Grade Prep used with the aid of their buddies, their student log on cards to log on to their computers and open up the program KidPix. They created a picture using the drawing tools, Background, animated character and video tools. kidpix.png kid_pix_deluxe_3d_mac_games101





Grade 1 & 2

Students used the program MS word to open their document of the student ID card and edit by inserting their portrait photo then save their changes Print and paste onto their portfolio folder.


Grade 3 & 4

Students learnt about Computer Parts – external and peripheral devices and internal parts


Grade 5 & 6

computer parts


ASCIIptStudents learnt about Computer Parts – hardware –  Internal/external and sofware – Input/output ASCII/Binary code.

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