Term 4, 2016

At the start of the this term in Multimedia students finished thier Coding projects. The preps learned about Cybersafety, and continued Graphing and Coding with Beebots. They then worked on thier Alphabet book using projects in Kidpix 3D.



Grade 1 and 2 learned about Cybersafety,  and continued using scratch for their Coding component.

They used Padlet to reflect on their coding work. Padlet is a community blogging website, which they participated in aspart of thier communication component of multimedia.


Grade 1 and 2 then used the program 2Animate to create animations (cartoons).


Grade 3 and 4 learned about Cybersafety, continued using Gamemaker for their Coding. They then used Photostory3 for Windows to create a movie on their Inquiry unit “forces”.

photostory 3 b photostory 3 a

Grade 5 and 6 learned about Cybersafety, and continued on thier web creation & robotics for their Coding. For communication students used the sschool’s Skype accounts to communicate via video chat.


skype images





They also created a movie on natural disasters using Movie-maker.

movie make 1

When finished students worked on thier ePortfolio, grade 6 students finished their eSmart digital licence. Extended students created 3D printed objects.







IMG_0946 IMG_0943 IMG_0942