I was recently approached by a parent about an ex SAEPS student now at secondary college and thanked for the learning their child received in ICT under my tutelage. They commented on their students work at secondary school and asked the student if they learnt what they were doing at secondary school. The reply was “no” explaining that what they know was from learning the basics of many software packages and ICT skills from Mr V (My name shortened)  and the ability instilled in them to learn the rest of their knowledge from the research skills learnt in Multimedia (ICT).

I must note I have been approached by other past students who commented on how they started secondary school with a great array of ICT skills that students from other primary schools did not have. They thanked me for the foundation of good ICT knowledge and skills, and the fact that they felt that they were a step in front of many fellow students but more important that they were not behind in expected ICT skills coming into secondary school.

The purpose of teaching is of course the learning each child takes from it, but more important is the lifelong learning that we hope to bestow on our students. so it is very pleasing to hear when the learning they received in my classes has enabled the students to be independent learners into their secondary and tertiary learning and beyond.

This highlights my belief that schools who don’t have dedicated ICT classes are doing their students a disservice.

(Just to note that I have had a comment from a student saying Mr V is too hard, which is also reflected upon to see if that warrants a change to teaching delivery for the whole level or individual students, – all comments are valuable to reflect on.


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